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me too
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Steven Meisel


Steven Meisel

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I feel an all-consuming feeling that we’re laying our world to waste and there’s little I can do about it except say there’s nothing I can do and eat Indian curry.

Damon Albarn

I feel the same

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Too much too young -The Specials

been listening to a lotta specials lately

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oh boy it’s warm out, time to sweat to death in an uncomfortable binder

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Tremblexy - “Spring Time”

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For herzeloide—cats in Spring blossoms.

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Patti Smith singing an English translation of “Amore Che Vieni Amore Che Vai” by Fabrizio De André to her cat. 

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this is how i feel today

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not having any money should not be making me want to die, but it does

fuck this awful world where i have to feel worthless for something beyond my control

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life,death,reincarnation,via makeup.


life,death,reincarnation,via makeup.


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